My Internet, GPS and Picture Messaging are not working.

With all unlocked cellphones, you must always make sure your device has proper access to the internet by making sure your APN (Access Point Name) settings are correct. To access the APN settings on most cellphones you can go to Settings > More… > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. Also, please check if you have Data enabled (going to Settings > More… > Mobile Networks > Data enabled).

My cellphone won’t turn on

Please Press and hold the POWER button. Or remove the battery, try re-charging the battery, and re-insert.
If you are using a charger, please check the related cable connection.

I hear a lot of static while using my cellphone in some buildings

The call quality may vary from building to building depending on their construction and architecture. Please try moving to open areas or closer to a window to improve the reception. If the problem persists, please contact your service provider to verify the network. Otherwise please visit our webpage, and look for the support section for additional information.

I forgot the unlock code for my cellphone and it’s locked

Please contact your Authorized Service Center or visit our, and look for the support section to get additional information.

How do I take a screenshot on my cellphone?

Screenshots can only be taken on cellphones running Android version 4.0 and above. To create a screenshot please hold the volume down and power button simultaneously for about 2 seconds.

My cellphone and the internal storage is running low

For Android cellphones you can move applications to a microSD card to free up space from the internal storage. Please go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, and then select those applications you would like to move to the microSD card. Please note that not all applications can be moved to the microSD card/Internal storage. If the issue still persists, please try performing a factory data reset on your device to erase all contents on your device and have it running like new. Please make sure you have an appropriate backup before taking this action.

How do I perform a factory data reset on my cellphone?

For Android cellphones version 4.0 and above go to Settings > Back up & Reset > Factory data reset
For Android cellphones version 2.3 and below go to Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset

The battery charge doesn’t last as long as it did before

Battery life is mostly affected by signal strength, applications usage and screen brightness or screen timeout time. In fact a low signal strength will result in lower battery life. Also using your cellphone for long periods of time on calls, Internet, etc. will result in a quicker discharge of the battery. Having the brightness setting at maximum is other factor that reduces the battery life. Regulating the screen timeout will help you increase the battery life.

Where can I buy Parts and Accessories for my cellphone?

For parts and accessories, please contact your Authorized Service Center or visit our webpage, under the support section, for additional information.

What is a microSD card and how can I install one in my iSWAG device?

A microSD card is a removable mobile memory card that can be installed in a mobile device for extending the internal storage capacity.

  1. To install the microSD card, carefully remove the back cover of your device (some devices may not require this step).
  2. Remove the device’s battery (some devices may not require this step).
  3. Locate the microSD card slot and just slide-in the card with the gold contacts facing down.
  4. To remove the microSD card, just slide-out the card carefully to remove.
  5. Reinstall the battery and the back cover (some devices may not require this step).
When the screen is locked how do I unlock it?

With the screen locked, tap the lock icon at the bottom of the screen, slide to any direction to unlock the screen, or drag the screen to right to access the camera to take pictures.

What do I do to accept or reject incoming calls on my iSWAG Smartphone?

When you receive an incoming call, a notification message appears on the screen.
To accept call, drag icon to the right
To reject, drag icon towards the left
Drag icon towards the top to send a message instead.

How do I manage my contacts?

You can add contacts to your device and synchronize them with the contacts in your Google account or other accounts that support contact syncing. To manage your contacts, go to the Applications screen and select Contacts.

Is there a way to change the default homepage of the browser?

The default homepage will be shown when you open the browser for the first time. You can change the default homepage to one of your choosing from the settings menu. With the browser you can visit internet webpages, download resources form the web or watch video online.

Does this device support multiple messaging interfaces?

Your device supports multiple languages plus third party input method software.
Tap Switch to switch among the different languages. If the language selected for the spell checker is English, tap the word in the input box while typing to get suggestions for the correct spelling.
You can also speak to enter text from the majority of screens that require text input. Tap on a text field, or a location within some text you’ve already entered

  1. Touch the Microphone key on the on­screen keyboard.
  2. When you see the microphone image, speak what you want to type.
  3. Say “comma,” “period,” “question mark,” “ex­clamation mark,” or “exclamation point” to enter punctuation.
What is the Voice Command?

Your iSWAG Smartphone allows you to operate it via voice commands. You can search items in your phone or on the Internet simply by speaking. Tap the microphone when it is visible and follow the prompts before speaking.

How do I connect the phone to the network?

When the SIM card is decrypted, the mobile phone will search for registered networks or available local networks automatically. Once connected, the network operator name will be displayed at the bottom of the lock screen. With the phone in standby mode you can make or answer calls.

Please contact your network operator if the SIM card is not working properly.

Can I turn the Wi-Fi feature on and off?

This allows you to switch your phone’s Wi-Fi ON or OFF. Go to the Settings Menu and select Wi-Fi. At the top of the screen, move the setting to ON. Check the status by looking at the Wi-Fi icon in the status bar.

10 Tips for Optimizing Your iSWAG Smartphone
  1. Uninstall any apps you do not use
    If you have apps you do not use but are still on your phone it is better to remove them and avoid having them run automatically in the background and use up your phone’s resources like memory, processing power and battery. Remember that the less internal memory that is available the slower your phone gets. There are several apps available online at the Google Play Store for removing unused applications; one such app is App Eater.
  2. Reduce the number of home screens
    Limit home screens to two or three. You will realize this quantity is more than enough and you will always have the apps you use the most on hand.
  3. Disable animations
    When using your Android device, animations appear when apps are opened and closed. These animations improve the visual appearance of the apps; but by disabling them, the apps will load almost instantly. Disabling the animations is simple, just go to Settings>About device>tap on “Build number” quickly seven times and tap the back icon. In the Settings menu the icon “Developer options” will be visible. Tap on “Developer options” and scroll down to the “Drawing” section. Tap on “Window animation scale” and select “Animation is off”. Do the same for the options “Transition animation scale” and “Animator Duration Scale”.
  4. Use static wallpapers
    Live wallpapers look very nice with their changing colors and images but they take up resources and slow down your device. Selecting static wallpaper will free-up system resources and improve the performance of your device.
  5. Reduce the number widgets
    Having an open widget is like having an open app; it will consume resources and battery power. It’s advisable to remove all unnecessary widgets.
  6. Use only one app for each function
    Your device may have several apps that perform the same function, for example, an email app, Twitter client, music player, etc. Choose the one you like and delete the rest.
  7. Clear the Cache and Delete Junk Files
    One of the best apps for this task is Clean Master. This app lets you: see how much space is taken up by your files, clear the application cache, and delete junk files or empty folders. This is a quick and easy way to clear your Android device of unwanted files.
  8. Reduce the number of accounts being synchronized
    Within the Settings sections there is an option called “Accounts” that contains the details of all the accounts that are synchronized periodically on your device. The synchronization process consumes your device’s battery and processing power. If you do not use an account or do not require constant synchronization, it is recommended that you disable automatic synchronization for that account.
  9. Use ART
    ART is a new Java-based library that manages all your smartphone’s functions. Using this library will increase your smartphone’s performance and improve battery consumption.
  10. Perform a Factory data reset
    We all use our phones 24/7 without giving it a rest. If you notice that your device starts working strangely, is operating very slowly, or the battery life is too short a good solution may be to reset your device. Go to Settings>Backup and reset>Factory data reset. Once the process is completed your device will be restored to the original factory settings.


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